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Executive Coaching & Consulting

Finance Executive, Apparel Industry
“Deborah is exceptionally professional and has an uncanny ability to quickly make people feel very comfortable around her.  She is well versed in techniques and methodology to help executives like myself to help themselves and exceptionally talented in creating solutions for the needs of the executives.”


HR Executive, Prudential Securities
“Deborah is definitely a very thoughtful strategist who helps the executive explore solutions to issues and, ultimately helps create solutions that meet the needs of the individual she is coaching.  Deborah is a very professional, energetic and enthusiastic coach. She is very well versed in the techniques and methodology necessary for executive coaching and ‘helping executives help themselves’. She understands complex issues very quickly, coaches the individual in breaking the issue down into manageable pieces and then challenges the individual to recognize each issue and create an action plan to deal with it. Deborah shows a genuine interest and respect for her clients.  She has the ability to make people feel comfortable very quickly.  She displays an extremely genuine commitment, enthusiasm, dedication, devotion and most importantly, a passion for coaching and helping individuals reach their full potential.”


Recent Graduate of Wharton Business School & Marketing Director, Lucent
“Ms. Balut is an excellent listening board and a challenging, thoughtful and compassionate career strategy development counselor.  I believe one of Ms. Balut’s greatest strengths lies in her ability to help a person focus.  She worked with me to establish my professional and personal needs to identify the right career path for me.  Ms. Balut creates an open and challenging environment which fosters a continuous improvement paradigm for everyone.  She exhibits an extremely healthy attitude and devotion to her coaching career which prompts me to be even more enthusiastic about the coaching of my team.”

Recent Graduate Wharton Business School & Business Development Manager, Technology Company
“You have an amazing ability to uplift people! I always look forward to our meeting as a special ‘treat’ to myself...Thank you very much for your compassion and candor. I am very pleased with what we accomplished and feel very fortunate to have an opportunity to work with you!

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Interview Role-Play

Finance Executive, Apparel Industry

Thank you very much for taking me through yesterday's exercise of role playing today's interview and corresponding feedback…Well, I survived roughly 3.5 hours of this process and seemed to have done well. …Regardless of the outcome, now I feel comfortable going through this process.” 


Marketing Director, Lucent 
“Thank you. I really enjoyed today's session. As a result of the session I feel very good about my interviewing style and capabilities. I must say you are an excellent coach and I am so fortune to be working with you.”


HR Executive, Prudential Financial
“I just completed my second interview and I feel great. The two interviews were totally different in format but I think I did well on both. Thanks again for all of the help in preparing for these interviews.”

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Resume Critique

Vice President & Division Head, Publishing Company
“I wanted to say again how much I appreciated your critique and suggestions. Looking at this revision side by side with my original almost made me want to cry. I wish it had read like this three months ago.”

HR Executive, Prudential Financial
“I have finally finished my resume and am very happy with it. I think I have incorporated all of the ideas we talked about last week. Thanks for all of your help getting me on track to rewrite the resume.”

Recent Graduate of Wharton Business School & Marketing Director, Lucent 

“I really enjoyed our session yesterday and thank you very much for your honest feedback, suggestions, and (I think) action items. “

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Organizational Development

Owner, Engineering Company
“I just wanted to thank you for all of the great work that you have done. I already see a difference here. Your leadership and your presentations are informative and you put just the right spin on things so that people (including myself) seem to always react positively.”


Vice President, Fortune 200 Company
“Deborah was instrumental in the development and success of numerous high performance teams within my organization.  Her solid coaching skills helped to ensure the successful performance of each team. She helped take individuals who have not had leadership roles before and provided them with the opportunity to succeed. I appreciated her enthusiasm for the project and I am grateful that she introduced the team concept into our organization.”


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Training & Presentations

Human Resource Manager, Engineering Company
“Thanks so very much for the training this past Wednesday. It was very valuable and we'll want to continue similar training with you in the near future.”

Senior Human Resource Executive
“Your presentation on the purpose and value of executive coaching was interesting, enlightening, and very well delivered. Thanks for taking the time to share your professional experiences with us. We all benefited from your very clear presentation.”

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Work/Life Balance Workshop

“I commend you again for being such a great leader! … Almost anyone can lead a group, it takes someone who really cares to make a group as warm and caring as yours.

“I was sincerely moved and inspired by last night’s meeting! You are a powerful speaker.…I have thanked God for bringing you into my life. You have made a huge difference for me. You are an extraordinary coach and leader. …You have been our powerful foundation, our mentor, encouraging and challenging us to step out of our comfort zones. I’m certain that the entire group feels as much admiration for you as I do…. Every single member of the group has altered their life for the better because of your leadership.”

“I want to thank you for starting the group and for helping to give me the courage to take action!!!…I realize how much my life has changed for the better since I met you. Thank you for all your encouragement and support.”

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